Do You Remember? Five Memories From the Days of Film


With apologies to our younger or newer photographers, today I am wearing a fine pair of rose tinted spectacles. They are quite an old pair of spectacles, bought, in fact in the days of film photography and their effect on me is to induce a certain amount of melancholy for the days of celluloid, chemicals and red lights, photographic red lights, I should hastily add. Join me in a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the great (and not so great) things about film photography.

Fuji vs. Kodak

Forget your Canon v Nikon or Apple v Windows, the big fist fights back in the day were over what film you used. Up until the mid 70’s everyone used Kodak, except Germans who used Agfa. By the early 80’s Fuji had made huge inroads into Kodak’s formidable line up and the fight was on. Fighting the battle for Kodak were Ektachrome and the seemingly invincible Kodachrome. Lining up for Fuji were the incredibly rich and saturated Velvia and more sublime Velvia. It was a true battle royale, one that set photographer against photographer in the ranks of the local camera clubs. Who won? Well in that specific battle, no-one, digital came along , opening a third and ultimately victorious front. Fuji adapted eventually, Kodak didn’t.    More … 

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